Undergraduate Studies – Concentration: MANAGEMENT


  • UACS SBEM is the only internationally accredited school in the Republic of Macedonia
  • UACS SBEM has excellent professors
  • UACS SBEM employs the most advanced teaching philosophy
  • The student/teacher ratio at SBEM is 18:1, which guarantees individual attention to every student.


UACS SBEM program is supported by over 30 scholars, professors of management practice, and international visiting professors. Their combined knowledge and experience provides the students with a unique opportunity to learn from the best. The program at UACS SBEM offers thorough exposure to theoretical and practical issues.

SBEM Course Catalogue

UACS SBEM Faculty combines:

    • Marjan Bojadjiev PhD, Harvard Business School Alumni, Teacher of the Year Award by ACBSP, 2012.
    • Ana Tomovska Misoska PhD, Queen’s University Belfast (UK) Alumni, Member of Macedonian Human Resources Association Board
    • Miodraga Stefanovska Petkovska, PhD, Associate Professor at UACS
    • Makedonka Dimitrova, Head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development
    • Dimitar Kovacevski, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of one.Vip, EFER EEC Alumni
    • Angelka Peeva Laurenchikj, PhD, Managing Director of Image PR
    • Zaklina Gestakovska Aleksovska, MAPA, expert on HR Development
    • Dimitrios E. Akrivoulis, PhD, from New York College, Thessaloniki, Greece
    • Jaka Vadnjal, PhD, from GEA College of Entrepreneurship, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Kevin O’Neil, PhD, from State University of New York, NY, USA

    The Management concentration prepares students to understand and analyze the business environment and working conditions in various sectors and industries.

    Students will be able to perform analysis of customers and competitors and write quality business plans, while understanding the challenges of entrepreneurship and human resources management in today’s dynamic business environment and globalized world.

    At undergraduate level, we believe that the instructor’s responsibilities include:

    • Asking the right questions
    • Leading the class discussions
    • Helping the students find their own solution to the problems raised.
    • We do ask the “WHAT” and “WHY” questions. But we also teach the “HOW”!
    • Apart from teaching theory and facts, our primary goal is applying the knowledge and gaining practical skills.
    • We employ leading-edge teaching techniques, such as: case studies, role plays, problem solving, individual and team projects, and simulations.

    By doing this, we have learned from the best – HarvardBusiness School. So far, we have 16 faculty members holding a teaching certificate according to the Participant-Centered Learning methods.

    During the lectures, we use case studies designed by some of the best business schools in the world, as Harvard Business School and Darden School of Business.


    UACS SBEM is proud that 70% of the students who graduate are employed within a year after graduation and take the following positions:

    Management concentration – positions in the sectors for planning, development, analysis and strategic planning in business organizations.


    These are some of the companies where SBEM graduates are employed:

    • TTK Bank AD Skopje
    • Stopanska Banka AD Skopje
    • Ohridska Banka AD Skopje
    • Halk Bank AD Skopje
    • Triglav Osiguruvanje AD Skopje
    • Capital Media Group Inc.
    • Leoron Professional Development Institute
    • Government of the Republic of Macedonia
    • City of Skopje


    Bachelor of Business Administration – Major: Management

    Required courses:

    1. Introduction to Management
    2. Introduction to Microeconomics
    3. Business Math
    4. Principals of Accounting
    5. Introduction to Marketing
    6. Composition 1
    7. Internship
    8. Elective Course
    9. Elective Course
    10. Elective Course at University level
    11. Elective Course at University level

    Elective Courses in program – students choose 2 of the following courses:

    1. Psychology
    2. Sociology
    3. Business Law

    Elective Courses at University level– students choose 2 of the following courses:

    1. Computer Applications 1
    2. English as a Foreign Language 1
    3. History of Art

    Required courses:

    1. Statistics for Business
    2. Introduction to Macroeconomics
    3. Principles of Organizational Behavior
    4. Business Communication
    5. Introduction to Human Resources Management
    6. International Management and Globalization
    7. Internship
    8. Elective Course
    9. Elective Course
    10. Elective Course
    11. Elective Course at University level

    Elective Courses in concentration Management – students choose 3 of the following courses:

    1. Introduction to E-Business
    2. Public Finance
    3. Business Ethics
    4. EU Economics

    Elective Courses at University level – students choose 1 of the following courses:

    1. EU Structures and Institutions
    2. Ecology and Sustainable Development
    3. English as a Foreign Language 2
    4. Global Understanding

    Required courses:

    1. Business Planning
    2. Corporate Finance
    3. Entrepreneurship
    4. Principles of Project Management
    5. Business Applications and Information Systems
    6. Principles of Operations Management
    7. Internship and Project
    8. Elective Course
    9. Elective Course

    Elective Courses in concentration Management – students choose 2 of the following courses:

    1. Contract Law
    2. Marketing Management
    3. Career Development