Contrastive Analysis


Marjana Vaneva, PhD
Dean of the School of Foreign Languages

This course will introduce the students to the major domains that аrе considered in turn: linguistics, derivational morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse, and psychology. Various viewpoints and approaches will be represented so that the inclusion of both theoretical and applied studies will sharpen student understanding of the relationship between these two aspects of research. A lot of attention will be paid to empirical research and theoretical work in exploring key issues in language acquisition and language use. We will be talking about the role contrastive analysis can play in understanding and solving problems in second or foreign language learning and teaching. We will also illustrate the contribution of contrastive analysis to the study of linguistic universals, bilingualism and language pedagogy. A range of examples will be covered so that the students can grasp the principles and pursue their own work in this field.

Syllabus Contrastive Analysis