Gender Studies

Gender studies are an interdisciplinary filed, comprising and combining approaches of a variety of disciplines in the areas of social sciences and humanities, centered around complexes of questions relevant for understanding gender as a social, cultural and also political category. Gender studies explore the socio-cultural category of gender as an identitary issue. Identity is a complex category whose understanding requires a critical approach which is enabled by the interdisciplinarity inherent to the field itself. The variety of disciplines is held coherent by common concepts, terminology, and epistemological frames. This course will seek to allow the students to become acquainted with the latter. The fundamentals of some central categories in gender studies such as the idea of intertwining of knowledge and power, discourse, subjectivity, gender, culture, public-private space, identity and performativity, will be presented. These conceptual fundamentals will be presented to the students in ways which will not be only theoretical but also by resorting to examples from the everyday life that will be discussed.