Modern English Grammar 1: Morphology


Jovanka Jovanchevska-Milenkoska, MA
Senior Language Instructor

In this course the morphology of the English language is studied: definition of linguistics and morphology, basic linguistic units (phoneme, allophones, morpheme, allomorphs), grammatical elements (sentence elements, parts of speech), verbs (types, auxiliary and lexical verbs, morphology of lexical verbs, regular and irregular verbs, finite and non-finite verb forms, verbal categories, tense, aspect, phase, voice, modal verbs, gerund, participles), nouns (categories, number, gender, case), determiners and modifiers (definite and indefinite article), pronouns (classification, characteristics), adjectives (order, comparative and superlative), adverbs (definition, formation, classification, position), prepositions, phrasal verbs (prepositional verbs, phrasal verbs, prepositional-phrasal verbs), conjunctions.