Modern English Grammar: Morphology, Phonetics, Syntax


Marjana Vaneva, PhD
Dean of the School of Foreign Languages

In this course the basic aspects of modern English grammar are studied, focusing on the three basic linguistic fields: morphology, phonetics and syntax. The morphology part covers the following grammatical units: basic linguistic units (morpheme, allomorphs), word categories, verbs, nouns, determiners and modifiers, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and phrasal verbs. In phonetics the following topics will be covered: physiology of speech (speech organs), kinds of phonetics, English sounds, prosodic features, etc. Special emphasis is put on broad phonetic transcription, and students gain the knowledge and proficiency in reading and transcribing sounds. Syntax will be presented through important concepts such as constituency, category and function, together with the empirical knowledge of tree diagrams to help the students visualize the hierarchical structure of sentences. Students will be acquainted with contemporary views on linguistic knowledge and grammar (generative, cognitive, minimalist).