Writing Business Plans, Reporta and Proposals

This course is designed to give the students exposure to the content and format of business reports in English with authentic terms of reference and data. In addition, grounding in the techniques of writing as a process will be given together with sufficient writing practice. This course will teach the students effective written communication and give them the opportunity to apply their knowledge by writing business documents on a variety of subjects that are taken from business environments. They will learn the form, content and design of a variety of business documents, including resumes, letters of application, long and short reports, proposals, and executive summaries. The students will apply their knowledge of effective communication in the documents they write. The documents that they will write in their line of business reflect the knowledge of the subject on which they are writing, their expertise, attitude and professionalism.  This course will concentrate on helping students learn to organize business messages, use the language correctly and write concisely.  The course will also help them to sharpen their grammar and punctuation skills. One of the most exciting and satisfying activities in business is to start a new venture. In this course students will learn how to prepare a comprehensive strategy for launching a new business. The vehicle for achieving this is the preparation of a business plan based on an opportunity that students have selected.