The School of Business Economics and Management (SBEM) at University American College Skopje is the only ACBSP internationally accredited school in the Republic of North Macedonia. It has been ranked as the best school of business and economics in the country by IDEAS REPEC for several years in a row, and is also ranked as the No1 private university in North Macedonia according to the Jiao Tong ARWU Ranking.

The School of Business Economics and Management brings together excellent teaching staff with a student/teacher ratio of 18:1 and applies the Harvard Business School learning methods. With over 30 faculty members whose knowledge and experience are unparalleled, SBEM provides students a unique exposure to both theoretical and practical topics, offering an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best academic and business minds.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is ranked 38th worldwide among the “young” universities (QS ranking) and the School of Economics is among the top School in Italy (Censis-La Repubblica). In little more than 30 years the University of Rome Tor Vergata has become one of the most important Italian universities. It ranks 10th among Italian Universities and it has also been consecutively ranked in the top 500 Universities according to the Jiao Tong ARWU ranking, as well as top 50 Under 50.

One of the flagships at UACS, the Business Administration and Economics – Dual Degree Program with University of Rome Tor Vergata is a unique opportunity to learn comparatively and gain knowledge from the top professors in the world. With a unique design, students spend two years of their studies in Skopje, and one year in Rome.


The School of Business Economics and Management is dedicated to providing excellent education to students and creating the professionals that the modern business world needs. We have carefully designed curricula that enable students to learn from vast academic material from renowned authors, using the latest research methods and understanding the most contemporary business analyses.

That is why we have designed and developed the Business Administration and Economics – Dual Degree Program. In partnership with the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, we have carefully created a unique program that enables our students the best of both worlds. The Dual Degree Program accepts 20 students only, and the first two years of the program are studied at UACS, and the third year is studied at University of Rome Tor Vergata. By completing this program, the students earn dual degrees, with dual certified diplomas.

The first two years of the program are studied at UACS, where students attend a challenging and competitive program, aimed at immersing them in the world of business. Based on both theoretical and practical aspects of business administration, students learn academic knowledge and gain real world skills and know-how. The program presents a multidisciplinary approach, tackling with concepts and models from Management, Economics, Finance and Quantitative Methods.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata hosts the Dual Degree Program students in their third year, and offers them a special course structure in Business Administration & Economics, useful to cope with the complexity of a global economy. The structure of the program is continuously updated, focusing on the development of specific links between theory and real-world applications. The international context supports the students to strengthen their own integration and co-competition abilities to successfully approach the professional and the personal life.


Our aim is to bring out the individual potential of each student and develop their professional skills. This is done not by teaching theory and facts only, but with application of the knowledge and by gaining practical skills also. Besides lectures, the education concept also includes role play, case study analysis, solving practical problems and work on individual and team projects in real companies, starting from market research and writing marketing plans, all the way to measuring employee satisfaction.

By spending the third year of the studies at University of Rome Tor Vergata, UACS students are also exposed to lectures by prominent Italian professors and are privileged to acquire substantial knowledge and real-world experience. By comparing different educational concepts, teaching methods and various types of student work, the students at this program are given a chance to truly excel in the world of business.

The lectures are conducted in English, using contemporary textbooks and teaching materials from world renowned universities. The curriculum is designed to stimulate individual work and teamwork, as well as foster development of soft skills. Students are also encouraged to develop and improve their presentation and communication skills in English.

The students use Moodle, an online learning platform which is standard in world class education and is used by over 80% of the universities in the world. Moodle provides students 24/7 access to teaching materials, lectures, presentations, templates for projects, etc.


The UACS SBEM Faculty combines academics who are recognized scholars with significant scientific and theoretical achievements, with professors of management practice, who are business experts, company CEOs and eminent experts in their respective industries. Also, UACS SBEM provides international exposure by organizing classes conducted by international lecturers from renowned universities.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata faculty lists some of the most prominent scholars and academics in Italian and European business theory. With substantial academic achievements, as well as remarkable real-world knowledge and experience, the professors at University of Rome Tor Vergata offer students an excellent opportunity to truly excel.


The cooperation with the UACS Business Council is a key factor for developing highly professional staff for modern companies. The UACS Business Council is comprised of 150 leading companies from various business sectors – banks, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, finance companies, advertising agencies, and a large number of successful small and medium enterprises. Providing adjustment of the curricula to the needs of the real business sector, the UACS Business Council is an additional opportunity for career development of the UACS candidates.


Our programs also nurture social responsibility in candidates, inviting them to respect the community they live in by being responsible members of society. This is why UACS organizes plenty of socially responsible events and projects in which they are actively involved.


SBEM is proud to have over 70% of the graduates employed within a year after graduation. Our students from the Dual Degree Program are able to start working in national banks, finance institutions and companies, ministries, and can also take up variety of business and management positions in companies abroad.


  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics (ECTS 180)

* University American College Skopje reserves the right to amend the program.

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