Concentration:  VISUAL ARTS

School of Architecture and Design (SAD) is a leading school in Republic of Macedonia
in the field of:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Architecture and management


Paul Tange is Doctor Honoris Causa at the UACS School of Architecture and Design.

He is an influential architect from Harvard and runs architecture studios in Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, and Boston. Also, he is the son of the famous architect Kenzo Tange who made the biggest contribution to the urban reconstruction of the city of Skopje after the devastating earthquake in 1963.

The faculty is comprised of professionals and distinguished architects who continuously upgrade the teaching process in terms of both theory and practice.
All the teachers and associates at SAD are actually mentors, who guide the students through their studies.
The School of Architecture and Design organizes the annual International Summer School in Ohrid.
The student/teacher ratio at the SAD is 11:1, a ratio that enables individual attention to each student.

  • Mishko Ralev (Dean) – an acclaimed architect and former lecturer at “St. Cyril and Methodius” University, with acknowledged skills and expertise in the fields of architectural and interior design.
  • Viktorija Eremeeva Naumoska, MA (Vice-Dean) – a renowned architect with broad experience in architectural design, awarded with the national prize “November 13th” by the City of Skopje (2013)

At SAD, we are particularly proud of our younger colleagues who devote their time and knowledge to our students:

Many acclaimed architects from renowned universities around the world teach as visiting professors at the Schools of Architecture and Design, in order to infuse our curriculum with a breadth of international expertise:

  • Kreshimir Rogina, PhD – Penezić & Rogina architects, Croatia
  • Vinko Penezikj, PhD– Penezić & Rogina architects, Croatia
  • Robert (Bob) Giddings, PhD – Newcastle University, United Kingdom


  • The School of Architecture and Design is a higher education institution where students are persons, not numbers. Each student gets special attention from the teaching staff in order to develop their talent and further advance his/her capabilities.
  • SAD has over 25 teachers, associates, and experts. They continuously work with their students in hands-on classes that are organized in groups of 10-15 students.
  • The lectures and the hands-on practice classes are based on serious interaction and discussion between the students and the professors, and the experience gained through such interaction is irreplaceable. Class attendance is mandatory; hence students who miss 25% of the classes cannot successfully complete the assignments and pass the course.
  • The study programs are tailored according to the needs of the 21st century industry. We continuously adapt our study programs in order to satisfy the needs of the students and the society. Architecture, design, and all other related fields are integrative professions which require life-long learning and research.


Master of Arts in Visual Arts