Vladimir Deskov, PhD c

Vladimir Deskov, PhD c

Teaching Assistant


Born in Skopje in 1977. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje in 2004. Since 2007 he is a teaching assistant at the School of Architecture and design at the UACS. His research interest is concentrated on the city of Skopje and its architecture, as well as the way city changes under the influence of the economic, political and social transformations of the society and their impact on architecture. As a cofounder and member of architectural group ‐ Studio for Contemporary Architecture Skopje – SCArS, he took part and won a number of awards at international and local architectural competitions. In 2008 and 2014 Venice biennale of architecture, he was one of the authors that represent Macedonia. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb.

Vladimir Deskov CV

+389 2 246 3156
Boulevard III Makedonska Brigada 60, 1000 Skopje


  • School of Business Economics and Management
  • school of Architecture and Design
  • School of Computer Science and Technology
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Law
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