UACS English language students teach English to primary school children

UACS English language students teach English to primary school children

The School of Foreign Language from the University American College Skopje has partnered with the public primary school Ss Cyril and Methodius, Municipality of Centre, Skopje, for its undergraduate and postgraduate students of English to provide online English language classes to the primary school children.

This gives the University students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills, to learn from their experienced colleagues and prepare for the job, to volunteer and teach in a (virtual) classroom, to help the primary school students who need to improve their English, and to assist their English language colleagues in these difficult, pandemic, and technologically-changed teaching circumstances. The University students accepted the challenge to observe classes and teach not only due to the requirements of their ELT Methods course, or for the internship purposes, but their ultimate wish to master teaching has got them so fully engaged in this collaboration. No matter the kind of motive that each of them has, in the process they are supported and mentored by their course instructor, Prof Dr Marjana Vaneva.

We are grateful for being approached with this fantastic initiative, as it makes valuable links between the University and our primary school students. The collaboration is of paramount importance not only for the school itself, but even more for the children and their parents. We look forward to intensifying our mutual work in the following period.

Sonja Kirkovska, Ss Cyril and Methodius-Skopje primary school principal

The children like the students and their teaching, they have fun and absolutely enjoy these classes.

Maja Butleska, an English language teacher
at the Ss Cyril and Methodius-Skopje primary school