UACS Hybrid Classes

UACS Hybrid Classes

Dear students,

According to the new situation in terms of the spreading and the danger of the Covid-19 virus, as well as considering the pandemic state in the world, University American College Skopje informs you that it continues work without interruption in the classes.

Taking care of the UACS family – the students, the faculty staff and the administration staff, as and in agreement with the Accreditation Board of the USA, the Spring Semester at UACS will be organized through hybrid classes.

The classes at the University will be organized and regulated with application of the well-known videoconferencing platform WEBEX, used by many universities of the world. The University has acquired a sufficient number of licenses for this platform, for all students and faculty staff.

The way you will be included is simple:

  1. You will get an invitation for a videoconference from the course professor at your e-mail account, previously submitted in Records Office
  2. Click Join Meeting
  3. Listen and learn

*Note: please use headphones and microphone during the videoconference.


Mid-term Examination and the supply of study materials will continue through the Moodle platform, for which an upgraded version was acquired, one that enables testing. For any additional information, please contact the professors.

For all matters regarding the installation of the platforms, feel free to contact the following persons:

For any additional questions, please contact the classes’ coordinators:


Hoping that the world crisis will be soon surpassed, we remain dedicated to your needs and to your education. It is in times like these that it is necessary to provide the highest quality of education possible, in order to build future generations that will successfully face the challenges of the world and the times that come.

We wish you good health and pleasant classes.