English Literature 1


Ivana Trajanoska, PhD
Tenured Faculty
Bettina Jones
Teaching Assistant

English Literature 1 surveys the literary, cultural, philosophical, religious, social, and economic dimensions of the Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Renaissance, Seventeenth Century and the Romantic Period (1785-1830) in British literature through a chronological study of the major authors and their writings. In this course, we will analyze selected works from the earliest records of English literature until the end of the seventeenth century which will help you understand the development of English language and its literature from its earliest inceptions to the emergence of Modern English with a special emphasis on the writers’ milieu.  We will try to understand these authors on their own terms, familiarizing ourselves with the culture and traditions of past generations who spoke and wrote English language, but we will also ask ourselves what the works we are reading say to us today.  Authors in the past were often concerned with the very same issues that confront and trouble us in the twenty first century, despite the considerable differences between our age and theirs.