As an academic institution, we are always seeking to expand our teaching staff portfolio. We highly encourage academia and experienced professionals to send us their vitae and information on the subjects they would be interested in teaching. There are many ways in which an individual may contribute to the learning and teaching process, not only as a professor but also as a guest lecturer or as an expert in a particular field of study.


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Fullbright – Open Invitation from UACS

University American College Skopje

kindly invite interested professors from the United States to apply for the Fulbright Teaching Awards for spending a semester (or 2) teaching in Skopje, Macedonia.


UACS is a higher education institution located in Skopje, Macedonia that offers academic programs designed following the best practices of the European and American education systems to offer the highest quality in academic studies.

UACS is accredited nationally by the Ministry of Higher Education in R. Macedonia, and internationally by the ACBSP. More information on the study programs that the university offers can be found on the university web page:

To broaden our international faculty portfolio, we are inviting professors of business, management, economics, and other related fields to apply for the Fulbright Teaching Awards to gain international teaching experience in the heart of the Balkan region.


Below you may find the Fulbright US Scholar program details and the application guidelines.



  1. S. citizenship – permanent residence is not sufficient.
  2. D. or equivalent professional/terminal degree (including a master’s degree, depending on the field) as appropriate. Where an award is open to early career or postdoctoral candidates, scholars may apply if they will complete the requirements for their doctoral (or equivalent) degree by February 1 in the year following the application deadline, unless otherwise specified in the award description.


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