Mission Statement

“We educate, advice, and build networking committed to helping students and graduates to achieve their career goals”.

We dedicate our knowledge to helping each student reach the professional ambitions that he/she as an individual strives for. Paving their way to success, we offer students a variety of internships at some of the best national and international companies that could one day lead to an existing employment opportunity.

The mission of the Career Center is to support UACS, by serving as a bridge between what students learn in the classroom and how it is applicable in practice. To accomplish our mission, the Career Center assists with a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Building strong employer and community partnerships to create career opportunities;
  • Providing students with job & internship opportunities;
  • Providing career counseling opportunities;
  • Providing advice in job searching strategies;
  • Organizing training and seminars to enhance the soft skill development of students;
  • Organizing a Career Fair.


Career Center

The office of the Career Center at UACS connects you with our students, alumni, staff, and friends.

If you are looking for job or internship opportunities, if you want to teach and enhance other people’s lives, if you want to boost your employees’ skills and knowledge, if you want your company to become socially responsible, or if you want to increase the public awareness of your organization, please contact the UACS Career Center at: sandra.grujevska@uacs.edu.mk


What is a Career Fair?

  • Usually one day of events, which are set up to connect a large number of employers with potential employees, i.e. UACS graduates and alumni.
  • Events are typically sponsored by universities, professional associations, local employment agencies, or by a career fair promoter.
  • Career fairs usually have a free entrance for those students who are seeking employment.


Career Fair Goals and Objectives

UACS goals:

  • To contribute to the preparation of dynamic, industry-ready graduates;
  • To contribute to the growth and development of the local labor market;
  • To bring together the academia and the business community;
  • To inspire students to launch career paths.

Company Goals:

  • To contribute to the growth and development of future job seekers (labor market);
  • To meet and get to know the views of students and their expectations;
  • Potential for recruiting students for jobs and internships;
  • Company PR.

Student goals:

  • Educational: Gain knowledge and experience from professionals regarding the current labor market situation in Macedonia.
  • What are the expectations of the companies in the process of recruitment?
  • Networking: One of the key benefits of attending the Career Fair is meeting new people — recruiters, other job-seekers, career professionals, which will widen your contacts database.
  • Gain experience: To provide information regarding careers outside of academia via presentations and unparalleled exposure to individuals and organizations.

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