The School of Business Economics and Management (SBEM) at University American College Skopje is the only ACBSP internationally accredited school in the Republic of North Macedonia. It has been ranked as the best school of business and economics in the country by IDEAS REPEC for several years in a row, and is also ranked as the No1 private university in North Macedonia according to the Jiao Tong ARWU Ranking.

The School of Business Economics and Management brings together excellent teaching staff with a student/teacher ratio of 18:1 and applies the Harvard Business School learning methods. With over 30 faculty members whose knowledge and experience are unparalleled, SBEM provides students a unique exposure to both theoretical and practical topics, offering an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best academic and business minds.


The School of Business Economics and Management is dedicated to providing excellent education to students and creating the professionals that the modern business world needs. We have carefully designed curricula that enable students to learn from vast academic material from renowned authors, using the latest research methods and understanding the most contemporary business analyses.

Having provided that, we are also dedicated to introducing students to the real world and adapting them to the needs of the modern businesses. This is done with practical information during the studies, delivered by professors of practice, and also with direct immersion in the business and corporate world through internships and job offers in various companies, with UACS serving as a point of contact and networking.

The School of Business Economics and Management at UACS also offers additional services that support student education in terms of academic advising and tutoring through the Tutoring Assistance Student Club (TASC). In addition to this, SBEM fosters close alumni relations, caring for the students even after they graduate. We keep track of the milestones and successes of our students and serve as base for career improvement, constantly organizing various activities and offering professional services and opportunities.

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