International Students!

“Follow the sun to the land where history meets the future, experience Skopje.”

Immersing yourself in different culture might be the greatest educational opportunity you will ever have. Not only will you be living in Skopje, studying at an international university, but you can be two hours away from any European capital city.

Whether this is your first time abroad or not, you will experience life as you have never before. Living in Macedonia will be an experience of a lifetime for you, so pack your bags and get ready to enjoy!


International Students Services

The International Student Services Office at University American College Skopje is set up to assist and guide international students on a range of issues and services before their arrival, and while they are enrolled at UACS.
Our mission is to facilitate international students’ admittance to Macedonia, to assist international students’ transition to student life at UACS, and to provide the services and support necessary to meet the special needs of our international students.

Services Available
The services necessary to accomplish the office’s mission are as diverse as the student population itself. However, several essential areas of services include:
• Assistance in obtaining a student visa for Macedonia
• Approving student status and issuance of student invitation letter
• International student orientation, cultural orientation and, language assistance
• Finding student accommodations in nearby locations
• Assistance in credential evaluation prescribed by the HEA of the Republic of Macedonia
• Assistance in obtaining a residential permit for Macedonia
• Assistance in securing a personal insurance health plan if not covered by own country


International Student Service Office Contact:

International Student Enrollment

  1. Passport photocopy
  2. Three recent passport photos
  3. Application form signed with the same signature as the passport
  4. Acceptant/Confirmation letter from UACS
  5. High school Diploma/Transcripts with Validation from the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science
  6. Enrollment fee deposit (520 euro)


For payment from abroad:

  • Beneficiary – UNIVERZITET AMERIKAN KOLEDZ, bul,, 3-ta Makedonska brigada ,, 60 Skopje
  • Bank:  OHRIDSKA BANKA , Societe Generale Group
  • IBAN : MK07530901000390425


All non-Macedonian students must obtain a student visa to study in Macedonia. They can apply for a visa at the nearest Macedonian embassy, and start the student visa process 5-6 months before they arrive in Skopje.


List of Macedonian Embassies and Consulates abroad:

  1. Orderly and legibly filled in the visa application.
  2. Valid and recognized passport with a validity period of at least 3 months longer than the intended stay of the foreign national in the Republic of Macedonia
  3. Proof of having accommodation in Macedonia
  4. Proof for health insurance (translation of the original into the Macedonian language by a certified court interpreter. If you possess European health insurance card bring that one)
  5. Proof of subsistence means of the applicant
  6. Orderly and legibly filled-in application for issue/extension of temporary residence permit
  7. Colored photograph (of 3.5×4.5 cm dimensions) with a white background, which faithfully portrays the applicant
  8. Proof of absence of criminal convictions issued by the foreigner’s home country and Proof that there are no criminal proceedings against you (translation of the original into Macedonian language by a certified court interpreter);
  9. Proof of sufficient knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted
  10. Certificate from the Educational Institution in Macedonia that the foreigner is a regular student there (in Macedonian)
  11. The study program issued by the Educational Institution in Macedonia (with the determined duration of the studies and the conditions for enrollment in the subsequent year of studies)/ in Macedonian


Permit for stay (temporary resident permit for foreign students) in Macedonia

  • Students must register in the nearest local police station within 24 hours of his/her arrival in Macedonia

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, bordering with the neighboring countries of Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece. Skopje has a mild year-round climate characterized by chilly winters with moderate snow to hot and dry in the summer. Temperature extremes range from a high of 32°C (90°F) to a low of -3°C (26°F). Therefore, Macedonia has a moderate continental climate with an average annual temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius.

Macedonia has a population of 2.06 million people composed of various ethnic groups with the Macedonian language being the first official language and Albanian as the second language. The Macedonian national currency is the “Macedonian Denar”. ATMs for cash are available across the entire city of Skopje. Exchange offices are numerous in the city with exchange rates varying from 61.5denars/1€, 47.5denars/$1, and 75denars/1£.

Skopje’s main airport is Alexander the Great International Airport, which is 20 kilometers from Skopje and is connected with all major cities in Europe. Airlines that serve Skopje are WizzAir, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Cirrus, Alitalia, B&H Airlines, Czech Airlines, Edelweiss Air, Fly Dubai, Bell Air Europe, JAT Airways, Air Berlin and Turkish Airlines. The airport is accessed by the main highway E75 Belgrade-Skopje-Thessaloniki, which connects it directly with the city of Skopje.

There is a public transport that connects the airport with the city of Skopje. Also, there is a possibility of getting around by taxi, which is the fastest and the cheapest way € 0.80 for every two kilometers. Taxis are available to the city center (travel time – 25-30 minutes, for about MKD 800)

The UACS campus is located in the center of the city, and it is fully equipped with classrooms, computer labs with internet access, studying and reading rooms, a library, and a cafeteria. UACS arranges housing for students and helps them find apartment accommodation in nearby locations. Monthly apartment rents range from € 100 to € 250 for a 2-room apartment (45-65 square meters). For the Summer Semester, UACS may provide housing for double occupancy per night per person with 2 meals for $ 20/day = $ 600 for 30 days.

Skopje has around 650,000 citizens and plays a vital part in the cultural and academic life of the country. Skopje’s exciting nightlife includes many indoor and outdoor cafe bars, as well as nightclubs and after-hour venues. Compared to many other European cities, Skopje is very affordable, making its nightlife and ever-expanding choice of quality restaurants even more accessible. The cost of a full meal in Skopje ranges from €5 to €25. In addition, several pizzerias and fast-food options ranging from € 1 to € 3, such as Burger King, Domino’s, Spizzicoto, and Sedmica, as well as many small bakeries and cafes selling pastries such as burek (a pie with meat, cheese, or spinach).

Most public transport is provided by JSP, a state-controlled company providing 25 routes in the city. Tickets for JSP buses can be bought for 50 DEN (€ 0.80) at kiosks or 50 DEN (€ 0.80) upon boarding. Taxis are another popular public transport option (€ 1.00 for every two kilometers).


UACS Guide

What to expect as a student?

As a new student at University American College Skopje, you are open to new experiences both in academic and social life. UACS brings forth for you the word of excellent education combined with practical experience.

Before the start of the courses as an undergraduate student, one is exposed to the following events:

Orientation Day

Orientation Day is crucial for a freshman, for the individual to get acquainted with the atmosphere at the school campus.

On this day, the student is exposed to the interior of the campus. Students get a tour of the premises, including the classrooms, the amphitheaters, the various administrative departments within the campus, the cafeteria which is located in two floors, the University library, etc.

Freshmen Seminars’ Week

The Freshmen Seminars’ Week is also an important event since it provides first-year students with a significant learning experience through interaction with faculty members and administrative staff at the University.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony is the event where all freshmen are joined at a venue, usually held at Aleksandar Palace Hotel, in Skopje. This venue not only bridges the communication gap between the students but also provides insights into what takes place within the halls of University American College Skopje. The students are usually accompanied by their parents, who are also welcome to participate and feel the spirit of the University. The Opening Ceremony involves special mentions to students and professors, acknowledging special achievements by the professors. Furthermore, the newly enrolled students in the academic year read a University Oath in the presence of the Rector, vowing to respect the principles and procedures of the University and to leave the university as a better place for future generations. 

International School of Architecture and Design (ISAD)


Department of Architecture and Design

The Department has a contextual, ethical, and critical approach which, while developing students’ creative skills and initiative to challenge the mainstream, foregrounds the responsibility for the physical and cultural environment and commitment to professional ethics. The Bachelor’s Program in Architecture is affiliated with the School of Architecture and it is based on a three-year study, which is structured around design studios. Granting degrees in architecture, graduate programs aim to produce knowledge with a critical approach to the broad spectrum of architectural and urban studies.


Students in the School of Architecture and Design

The student will understand the constructive, functional, and formative features of buildings that provide appropriate coordination within the architectural design framework. The aim is to equip students with requisite global and local knowledge and critical understanding, valuing the initiative to challenge the mainstream to promote leadership in professional and academic practices of architecture in national and international contexts. The students will learn how to solve functional, structural, and formative problems and develop certain stages of their design. Moreover, they will understand the basic methods of design development.


Where can a graduate from University American College work?

The graduates of the International School of Architecture and Design can and business opportunities in the following areas: Architectural and design companies, construction companies, departments of the public authorities and the local self-government, graphic design companies, and design companies.




Academic staff:

  • MSc. Inci Selim (PhD candidate at St.Cyril and Methodius University)
  • MSc. Oya Zade Abas
  • MSc. Ana Velinova (PhD candidate at Zagreb University)
  • MSc. Maksim Naumovski (PhD candidate at TU WIEN University)
  • MSc. Saso Blazevski (PhD candidate at St.Cyril and Methodius University)



  • Rakip Amdiu,
  • Bekir Ademi,
  • Msc. Fetah Fetahu,
  • Msc. Valdet Tairi,
  • Msc. Yana Spiroska,
  • Emir Bedri,
  • Tugay Gulec,
  • Ufuk Nebi,
  • Zariye Amdiu and
  • Nese Seyadinovska.





Fall semester

Architectural design 1 Descriptive geometry Freehand drawing 1 Management and organization Macedonian language 1 English language

Spring semester

Architectural design 2 Technical drawing Freehand drawing 2 Colour and plastic forms Introduction to information technologies and applications History of architecture and art 1 Mathematics Macedonian language 1 Summer practice



Fall semester

Architectural design 3 Architectural structures 1 Building materials technologies History of architecture and art 2 Computer aided design 1 Macedonian language 2

Spring semester

Architectural design 4 Architectural structures 2 Computer aided design 2 Graphic design History of architecture and art 3 Macedonian language 2 Summer practice



Fall semester

Architectural design 5 Principles of city planning and urban design Building detail modeling Theory of form in architecture Interior design 1 Macedonian language 3

Spring semester

Architectural design 6 Design for domestic and commercial-scale building projects City and regional planning Interior design 2 Architecture and art in Macedonia Macedonian language 3

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