The University American College Skopje is an institution for higher education that combines the best of American and European educational experiences. It was founded with the understanding that all people are created equal and enriched by education. Founded in 2005 as one of the few private and independent universities in the Republic of Macedonia.
The University is accredited in the Republic of Macedonia by the Board for Accreditation and is licensed by the Ministry for Education and Science to operate as an institution for higher education.
The University is accredited internationally by ACBSP – Accrediting Council for Business Schools and Programs.

It offers American efficiency through carefully designed curricula that incorporate up-to-date professional literature and case studies from distinguished authors. UACS considers itself a Third Generation University – a University independent from Governmental support, mainly teaching in English and operational in a regional or global market.

It is guided by the 3-I Principles:

· International Faculty;
· International student body;
· International curricula, textbooks, and teaching supplements.

This is a University where each student counts, where each student is taken seriously and where faculty members know their students by name. The meticulous student attention is a distinctive feature of the University. Most importantly, emphasis is placed on both professionalism and on a holistic educational approach to student development.

The mission and vision of the University are the international components that provide its strengths and added value. They provide a beacon of light to follow for educational excellence, where we produce and educate one student at a time. To fulfill the mission, the University is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the sharing of new knowledge to benefit the residents of Macedonia. Our vision is to enhance students’ ability to think critically and apply attained knowledge to practice.
Opportunities and challenges of the University are observed and adjusted accordingly to meet the demands of our stakeholders. The driving force of the community is precedent to our success which links the needs and wants of the employment market. Our commitment to the community is to provide training, and professional support to industry and government. Most important of all, we provide the community with well-trained young individuals prepared to enter the workforce with theoretical and experiential knowledge.

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