University American College Skopje and University of Rome Tor Vergata are proud to initiate

the 14th annual International Academic Conference on European Integration


Skopje, 16 May 2019


This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine the concept of innovation affecting all areas of life and all aspects of future European development. Taking into consideration the pressing need to find innovative economic, social, and political solutions to evolving challenges to the European project, this conference aims to critically reflect on EU innovation policies, methodologies, and instruments by addressing key issues, in particular:


  • New EU economy prospects
  • Business innovations
  • The future of skills
  • Cross-industry innovations
  • Public sector innovations
  • Social innovations
  • Innovative schooling and education models
  • Non-technological innovation and innovation in the services sector
  • Technological breakthroughs
  • New processes and business models
  • Startups and entrepreneurship
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Family businesses
  • Challenges to innovation, in particular in South East Europe
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovative youth cooperation and regional initiatives


Click here to download the 2019 Book of Abstract


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