Double degree program with Università Cattolica in Milan, Italy

The School of Political Science offers a rich academic curriculum that exposes our students to the cutting-edge knowledge in the field of political science, international communication and economic diplomacy. It provides students with a unique opportunity to explore and understand politics both as a science and a profession. The courses are designed to enable theoretical insight and ability to analyze politics at local, national and international level. By drawing on the rich professional and extensive academic achievements of our faculty, students gain practical skills and expand their decision making capacities.

We create professionals who are capable of dealing with modern-day challenges in the areas of international relations and economic diplomacy. Our courses are carefully designed to tackle some of the most important political issues of today. We offer an exceptional mix of the best practices of European and American educational systems and we involve our students in international research projects and activities. Our students benefit from the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ Mobility program and spend a study semester at one of our partner universities in Europe.

*The University American College Skopje reserves the right to amend the program

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