The title of honorary doctor, or Doctor Honoris Causa (DHC), is the highest academic recognition that a university can bestow. This is one of the special rights vested in universities. One of the privileges reserved for the academic organizations. One of the exceptional cases where a university can do what no one else can. Companies can distribute bonuses and stock options. Countries can award medals. Universities can bestow honorary degrees. This is our way of saying: “Thank you. We appreciate all the good things you have done.“


  • We have used this privilege rarely, because we want to highlight the award and the recipient.
  • And we are proud to do so.


We have awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa title three times only.

It was first awarded in the year of 2009 to Dr. Philp Kotler, known as the father of modern marketing. In 2012, the DHC title has been awarded to Mr. Paul Noritaka Tange, the famous architect and President of Tange Associates. And last but not least, in 2014, UACS has bestowed the honor of Doctor Honoris Causa to Mr. Bert W. M. Twaalfhoven, the founder of the European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research (EFER), a serial entrepreneur and former President of Indivers B.V.


  • Philip Kotler, 2009

UACS has awarded the degree Doctor Honoris Causa to Philip Kotler on September 15, 2009. Prof. Kotler is author and coauthor of more than 50 textbooks and numerous articles. He  has been named “the marketing guru”.

His views on marketing can be best seen from the following excerpt: “The role of marketing departments in the organizations is to identify selected market segments and satisfy their needs more effectively and efficiently than the competition in the way that will improve the welfare of the customers and the society.” Or just the simple definition of marketing: “Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process.”


  • Paul Noritaka Tange, 2012 

UACS has awarded the degree Doctor Honoris Cause to Paul Noritaka Tange on April 24, 2012. He has been working in many countries, designing various projects. Some of his designs are considered the landmarks of Singapore. Among the most important is the second highest building in the world – Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower


  • Bert Twaalfhoven,  2014

UACS has awarded the degree Doctor Honoris Cause to Bert Twaalhoven in December 2014, while the official ceremony took place in April 2015.

He was the cofounder of the first venture capital (VC) foundation in The Netherlands. He is a serial entrepreneur, founder of more than 54 businesses in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, U.K., U.S., Singapore and China.

He is the founder and president of the European Forum for Entrepreneurial Research, whose motto is: “Learn, Earn, Return!”

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