Dear students,


We know you are facing a lot. Your studies, some challenges with friends and family, the pandemic… We know it’s not easy and we know that sometimes, you need someone to talk to, someone to ask for an opinion or guidance.

So, being always there to help you, we are opening the first UACS Psychological Counseling Center. It offers free psychological help to UACS students by highly trained professionals (certified counselors), organized by the Department of Psychology, School of Political Sciences, and guided by our professor Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska, Ph.D. The Center is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 15h-19h, and every student can book up to three online one-hour counseling sessions.


  • Please book your session at 078324891 or at, with your student ID, and remember:
    “self-care always begins with your emotional and mental well-being.”


The UACS Psychological Counseling Center is established in collaboration with “Institute Alternativa”, Institute and School for Systemic Family and Couple Therapy, and Gestalt Institute “Sinergija”, School for Gestalt Psychotherapy.


April 7
World Health Day
No health without mental health

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