The Tutoring Assistance Student Club (TASC) is a platform with a motto ‘from the students to the students’, offering help to anyone trying to pass an exam and to those who are willing to learn and improve their grades through the help of their colleagues. For those who are willing to apply as tutors, there is a reward of academic credits in return for their time spent tutoring and helping others.


Who can apply:

Every student from UACS who needs assistance can become a member of the club and will be assigned to a tutor (another student) who will work with them and help them master the specific subject.



– Professor Marija Andonova-Nacova, Head of the tutoring club at UACS.
Marija Andonova is a teaching assistant in Business Mathematics and Statistics at the University of American College-Skopje (UACS). She holds a BSc in Mathematics-mathematics teacher, a BSc in Mathematics – graduated mathematician-engineer in mathematical economy, and an MBA. She continued her education by enrolling in doctoral studies at UACS and is currently working on her doctoral thesis.


– Student representative: Stefan Tanevski
Third-year student majoring in Audit & Accounting at the School Of Business

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