UACS Library

The library is no ordinary administration of the University or a technical service. It represents a professional unit of the academic institution which serves faculty, students and administration staff and supports the process of teaching, learning and conducting research. In a traditional way, a library can be defined as a collection of books or a collection of useful materials to use. With the development of technology, useful materials are available in an electronic form, which develops databases and digital libraries. The database is consisted of an organized collection of data aimed for one or more uses, and digital libraries contain collections organized in an electronic form, which can be available online or on a compact disc (CD). Currently, the UACS library has on disposal 1500 titles or 6500 books, which have a preassigned signature and they are placed on a predetermined location. Some of the books in the library are purchased with the University funds and the others are derived from exchange of books with other libraries. The library of the Macedonian Academy for Sciences and Art (MASA), has donated all book titles which have been translated to Macedonian language, as part of the project implemented by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia entitled: “Project to translate 500 books”.

All publications have their own UDC number (Universal Decimal Classification). Therefore, the content of the books is explained through predetermined universal rules of words and numbers. UDC is accepted, since the National University Library (NUL) in the country, which is using this classification, prescribes the rules and regulations of libraries in Macedonia. Apart from an access to printed books, the members of UACS library can also access one of the most used electronic databases, EBSCO HOST. It is used by students both on undergraduate and graduate study level. UACS undergraduate students usually search the online database for the purpose of finding information for preparing their final projects and assignments. On the other hand, EBSCO HOST is the main source of reading materials for the graduate students. And of course, most of the UACS faculty uses EBSCO HOST for conducting research and scientific work.Since the year of 2008, the UACS Library has started publishing titles.

BOOK of Abstract

Apart from these books, the UACS Library has published a number of readers, scripts and books in an electronic form, according to the rules prescribed by the home library (NUL) in Macedonia, which are also contained in the UACS Rules of Publishing.

The library is an integral part of the University and is divided in two parts, a library and reading room. The library is not open to the public, which means that it requires a registration, i.e. payment of an annual membership fee, and it is only available to UACS students, faculty and administration. The library has more than 2340 titles (domestic and foreign literature), and has a library fund of over 9500 books, including scripts, readers, reference literature, reading books from instructors and reading texts. The library material is processed according to UDC (Universal Decimal Classification), which has been used in the COBISS system for searching literature and each book has its own code.

Case studies from Harvard Business School are provided to UACS students as part of the learning process.