PhD in Information Systems and Management

Doctoral Studies in Information Systems and Management will offer you the theoretical knowledge and business skills for a successful career as a productive researcher, with a particular emphasis on those in industrial and business organizations. In this program you will gain an interdisciplinary business understanding of how technology can influence organizational behavior, structure and functions, as well as original knowledge in information systems research.

This program is aimed at candidates with an interest in applying business skills in the field of information systems, including masters in the fields of business, economics and information technology, as well as employees in the IT businesses and sectors.

  • An interdisciplinary program that unites two propulsive disciplines
  • Fully founded on the Harvard case method, for which our professors are trained
  • Original knowledge in information systems research

General modules in the first semester, applicable to each doctoral program, are the following:

Code Module Professor
DOCT 7001 Research methodology – doctoral level Dr. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski
DOCT 7002 Data analysis Dr. Marjan Petreski
Electives (choose one)  
DOCT 7003 Qualitative research and case studies Dr. Ivan Dodovski
DOCT 7004 Information technology and research Dr. Irena Stojmenovska

Thematic modules for this program are as follows:

Code Module Professor
DISM 7110 Information Management: Global Strategies and Technologies TBA
Electives (choose two)  
DISM 7210 Artificial intelligence Dr. Irena Stojmenovska
DISM 7212 Bug Data Dr. Irena Stojmenovska
DISM 7213 Advanced Robotics Dr. Irena Stojmenovska
DISM 7216 Databases: Theoretical Foundations Dr. Irena Stojmenovska
DDBA 7110 Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice Dr. Marjan Bojadziev
DDBA 7210 Business strategy and innovation for competitive advantage Dr. Snezana Hristova
DDBA 7211 Marketing: Strategic Innovation in a Globally Diversified World Dr. Ilijana Petrovska

Program coordinator

Dr. Irena Stojmenovska