About us

The Association for Better Education (ABE) has been established in January, 2013 by faculty from Europe, whose aim is to provide education opportunities for the younger generations.

The Association for Better Education (ABE) represents a non- profit, non-political, non-religious and non-humanitarian association, which acts in accordance with the Macedonian legislation and is registered within the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia.

The main goal of the Association for Better Education (ABE) is to provide the necessary support, as well as to contribute for the improvement of the educational system in the Republic of Macedonia through generating qualified and well-educated young people, who will become active and responsible members of the community. All of this can be achieved by providing everyday educational opportunities for both – students and professors.

There are over 16 professors from Europe, who specialize in various areas as: law, economics, diplomacy, computer science, architecture and foreign languages, and who act as volunteers in the Association for Better Education.

The President of the Association for Better Education is Assoc. Prof. Ilijana Petrovska, PhD.

Mission statement and goals of the Association for Better Education (ABE)

The Association for Better Education (ABE) strives for improvement of the quality of education process by establishing a link between the higher, secondary and primary education sector. The ABE’s activities are directed towards making the transfer process more convenient for the students who transfer from the high school institutions to the higher education institutions in the country and abroad. Furthermore, ABE acts towards supporting the lifelong learning process by providing trainings and workshops for the teaching staff from the high school institutions.