Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics  
Dual Degree Program

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Why enroll?

  • Pursue your undergraduate BA and earn not one, but two diplomas!
  • Spend two years studying in Skopje and the third year in Rome!
  • Learn from the best internationally acclaimed professors in a truly global environment
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your peers and unlock countless opportunities for your future career
  • Be a part of an exclusive group of students to take advantage of this unique opportunity for a real international educational experience






 University Tor Vergata

  • The University of Rome Tor Vergata was established in 1982and it is structered in 6 Schools (Economics; Law; Engineering; Humanities and Philosophy; Medicine and Surgery; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences) which are organised in 18 Departments. It offers its present 39,000 degree and post lauream students 108 degree courses (bachelor, master and single cycle degree) and 31 PhD courses.The University of Rome Tor Vergata is committed to being an open space to develop advanced and high-quality knowledge, lifelong learning and training for youngsters and adults, to conceive and experiment innovative solutions hence achieving sustainable development
  • In the QS World University Rankings Top University 2014, “Tor Vergata” is the 7th among Italian Universities and 305th in the world, gaining 15 positions since 2013. In the QS World University Rankings Top 50 Under 50 2014 for Universities established within the last 50 years, “Tor Vergata” is the only Italian University and is the 33rd in the world (gaining 5 positions since 2013). It is currently ranked among the Top 500 world universities according to the ARWU Shanghai Ranking of World Universitites.

 University American College Skopje

The University American College Skopje is an institution for higher education that combines the best of American and European educational experiences. It was founded with the understanding that all people are created equal and enriched by education. Founded in 2005 as one of the few private and independent universities in the Republic of Macedonia.
The University is accredited in the Republic of Macedonia by the Board for Accreditation and is licensed by the Ministry for Education and Science to operate as an institution for higher education.
The University is accredited internationally by ACBSP – Accrediting Council for Business Schools and Program.

It offers American efficiency through carefully designed curricula that incorporates up to date professional literature and case studies from distinguished authors. UACS considers itself a Third Generation University – University independent from Governmental support, mainly teaching in English and operational in a regional or global market.

It is currently ranked as the 1st private in Macedonia and 5th on a national level according to the ARWU Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking.

 The Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics

The Bachelor in Business Administration & Economics adds a strong value to anyone’s curriculum. It is fully taught in English and represents a strong plus for an international career.

The programme provides the competencies and the conceptual and methodological tools to cope with the complexity of a global economy and the internal dynamics of organisations and institutions that elaborate their strategies in it. The programme presents a multidisciplinary approach, dealing with concepts and models from Management, Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Methods. The structure of the programme is continuously updated, focusing on the development of concrete links between theory and real-world applications. The international context supports our students to strengthen their own integration and competition abilities that we strongly believe as fundamental ones to successfully take on the professional and personal life.

Enrolment criteria

High school diploma and high school transcripts (original documents) (Prospective students who have earned a high school diploma from an institution abroad need to obtain recognition of foreign qualifications of high school transcripts and diploma on part of the Ministry of Education and Science of RM, as well as for the translated documents which will be returned to the Ministry.

– Have passed the state matriculation examination

– Birth certificate or proof of citizenship (original documents)

One (1) photo

– Proof of English language proficiency – level B2 (All internationally recognized tests are accepted. If the candidate does not possess a language proficiency certificate, English language tests will be organized by UACS to determine the English proficiency level according to CEFR)

– Passing an entrance exam for the Double Degree program and an interview with UACS academia

 Eligibility criteria

Once students are admitted to the university, they must follow the criteria bellow in order to pursue the Dual Degree program:

– be fully enrolled in the Bachelor programme at his/her home institution;

– have a good knowledge of Mathematics (minimum grade: C)

– have an English level of B2

– maintain a GPA of at least 2.00

– have completed at least 105 credits at their home institution in order to spend the rest of the program at Tor Vergata

– earn at least 48 credit hours at Tor Vergata

SBEM Course Catalogue

THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM                                                         

Year 1 – Courses ECTS
Principles of Management 9
Fundamentals of Business Administration 6
Business Administration and Accounting 6
Business Math 1 6
Business Math 2 6
Introduction to Microeconomics 12
Introduction to Marketing 6
Business Law 6
Computer Applications 6
Internship 2
Total ECTS 65


Year 2 – Courses ECTS
Quantitative Methods 1 (Statistics) 6
Quantitative Methods 2 (Operations Research) 6
Introduction to Macroeconomics 9
Uniform Private law 6
Intro to Finance 1 6
Intro to Finance 2 6
Game Theory 6
Industrial Organization 9
Economic History 6
Internship 2
Total ECTS 62


Year 3 – Courses ECTS
EU Corporate Law 6
Financial Accounting 6
Students choose one concentration (module) and two elective courses
Concentration  1 (Module): Economics
Econometrics 6
Public Economic and Policy 6
Mathematical Finance 6
Quantitative Methods 3 6
Concentration 2 (Module): Business Administration
Contract Law 6
Business Organization 6
Financial Analysis 6
Business Planning 6
Elective Courses
Knowledge management 6
Econometrics 6
Public Economic and Policy 6
Mathematical Finance 6
Quantitative Methods 3 6
Contract Law 6
Business Organization 6
Financial Analysis 6
Business Planning 6
Internship 2
Total ECTS 50


The students pay tuition at their home institution. (e.g. they pay the full tuition at UACS)

Apart from the tuition, there are other costs associated with the program that students will incur whilst spending their year abroad: international travel; room and board expenses, mandatory health insurance for international students or equivalent private insurance, textbooks and miscellaneous expenses.


ACCOMMODATION is a very important factor when spending a year abroad. Therefore we are suggesting some accommodation options that might be beneficial for any future students.

CampusX is perfect for those looking for something more than just an accommodation.
CampusX Rome offers a series of services designed to simplify your life, so you can dedicate yourself to what you really like. Among the many amenities you can find a gym, laundry, conference rooms, a fantastic restaurant with affordable prices, and the best part of all, it is 10 minute walking distance from the campus of Tor Vergata. There is also a bus shuttle service and a metro station nearby to take you to the center.  The costs for accommodation can be found on the official CampusX website  and varies between 450 and 600 EUR per month.

The structure was built in less than three years and it offers 1,540 beds, divided into 17 units on an area of 50,000 square meters with 15,000 square meters of green areas. The 17 units are grouped around a large park area equipped for sports and sport related lifestyle. Except for transitory passages, it is entirely dedicated to pedestrians or cycling traffic.

Students may choose to rent a private apartment at their leisure to share with roommates. Outside the city center, renting an apartment would cost anywhere between 300 and 600 EUR depending on location and number of roommates.

LIVING COSTS, apart from accommodation also make up a major part of student expenditure. Bellow you can find a breakdown of the approximate costs for living in Rome.

Monthly rent 300-600
Monthly utilities (water, electricity, cable tv etc.) 50 – 100
Monthly groceries (bread, dairy products, vegetables, meat, fruit etc. in supermarket) 100-150
Monthly toiletries  (from supermarket) 100-150
Monthly transport  (public transport pass) 30
Meal at a fast food chain (combo menu) or lunch at a non – elite restaurant 7-15
Coffee or beverage at a café 1.20 – 3.50
Phone number and internet package (monthly plan) 10-20
Total approximate monthly cost 700-900

These costs are an approximation in accordance with the living standards and the associated costs for living in Rome. More information can be found on the following web page:


International Students Office (Responsible: Angelina De Benedictis; phone number: +39 06 7259 2566; e-mail:


Referent Professor: Luca Gnan; phone number: +39 06 7259 5928; e-mail:

Programme Officer: Silvia Tabuani; phone number: +39 06 7259 5800; e-mail:


International Students Office (Responsible: Viktorija Gombar; phone number: +389 2 2463156; e-mail:


Referent Professor: Assoc. Prof. Ilijana Petrovska, PhD; phone number: +389 2 2463156; e-mail:

Programme Officer: Iva Gjorgjieva; +389 2 2463156; e-mail:


Is there a prerequisite to enrolling into the dual degree program?

Since this is a unique and elite program with limited placement available, students will need to prepare for an entrance exam, a brief interview with academia, and provide proof of English level proficiency (if not available, the student will take a English level proficiency test at the university along with the entrance exam . There will be two dates for the entrance exams, one in June and one in September. The exact date, time and location will be published and made available to the candidates.

Can I study as a part time student?

Unfortunately, there is no option for part-time studies for this academic program at this time.

Do I have to obtain a student visa to study in Italy?

Yes, a student visa has to be issued to persons that are intending to stay in Italy for a period longer than 90 days consecutively and pursue a degree. Our International Student Coordinator will help you with this process.

What will happen if I don’t go to study in Italy in the last academic year?

If due to unforeseen circumstances the student cannot complete the academic program at Tor Vergata, he will be only issued one degree from University American College Skopje (i.e. he will not obtain degrees from both universities, but will be able to complete the program and graduate)

Can I transfer from another school or from another program at UACS?

In case the seats for the program have not been filled, and the candidate fulfills the eligibility and entrance requirements of the program, he/she may apply for a transfer to the Dual Degree Program. The compatibility of the courses that the candidate has already taken and the academic program shall be made at the discretion of the Dean of the School.

Will I have to verify my diploma (qualification) in my country?

Each country has a different verification process and policy for university diplomas. In the case of this particular academic program, the UACS diploma will not have to be verified in Macedonia, while the Tor Vegrata diploma should be. In Italy, it would be the other way around. Our International Student Coordinator can help in clarifying the process and documentation required for verification of degrees.