UACS SCSIT is the leading school in Macedonia in advanced computer sciences and in the area of direct brain-computer communication, whereby computers are operated by using signals from the human brain.

UACS SCSIT holds the first place in Macedonia in number of scientific paper downloads on the Internet (more than 1300 computer engineers have paid to download the paper from the prestigious computer association – Association for Computing Machinery – ACM).

In the past two years, UACS SCSIT faculty and students have published more than 17 scientific and research papers in international journals or have presented them at conferences. Two of those papers have received an impact factor.

UACS SCSIT has been awarded a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia for a paper published in a journal with impact factor.

Some of the most esteemed and well-known professionals from the Macedonian business community teach undergraduate courses at UACS SCSIT.


UACS SCSIT professors and associates work closely with the students in order to pay attention to each student individually, to develop their talents and to offer guidance about the area of study they like the most.

UACS SCSIT regularly engages professors or experts who have completed their educational process and/or currently work in other European countries and in the USA. Therefore, the students can gain more experience and establish professional networks with institutions outside Macedonia.

Apart from their teaching and research activities, UACS SCSIT faculty also hold managerial positions in the IT Association of the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, they organize symposia and other activities related to the promotion and development of the information technology in Macedonia. They regularly participate in international scientific and research projects and they are currently working on projects in Europe and the USA.

The student/teacher ratio at UACS SCSIT is 10:1, a ratio that indicates individual attention to each student.

The professor-academic paper index is 2.22.

  • Irena Stojmenovska PhD – Associate Professor, Dean of SCSIT
  • Adrijan Bozhinovski, PhD – Full Professor
  • Marija Andonova, PhD – Assistant Professor
  • Goce Gavrilov, PhD –  Adj. Assistant Professor
  • Ivan Petrov, PhD –  Adj. Assistant Professor
  • Simon Bojadziev, PhD – Teaching and Research Assistant
  • Hari Lokvenec, PhD
  • Simon Bojadzievski, MSc – one.Vip Telekom Austria AG
  • Natasha Anastasova – Bojadzievska, MSc – Team Coordinator at Asseco – South Eastern Europe
  • Stojan Kitanov, PhD
  • Goran Bidjovski, PhD
  • Ognen Firfov, MSc – Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje
  • Ognen Spiroski, MSc
  • Viktor Denkovski, MSc
  • Bojan Bogdanovski, MSc – PolarCape Consulting
  • Vasil Hadji- Jordanov, MSc
  • Dragana Mitova Babylon Software Solutions Group
  • Dejan Mitov – COO at Babylon Software Solutions Group
  • Marija Stanojeska PhD Nipromteks Ltd
  • Bogdan Jeliskoski MSc CaSys AD Skopje
  • Monika Arsenovska MSc Scalefocus
  • Deni Mircheski Endava
  • At UACS SCSIT, the teaching process is focused towards each of the students. The students work in small groups, which provide them with the possibility to communicate directly with their professors. Therefore, they have opportunities for personal development and self-improvement. UACS SCSIT studies focus on the advanced areas of information technology and science, such as:
    • Robotics
    • Biomedical technique
    • Biosignal processing
    • Databases
    • Language processing

    The lectures are conducted in English language, by using contemporary textbooks and teaching materials from renowned universities. Moreover, UACS SCSIT faculty uses various teaching methods, as case studies and practical application of theory. Students are also encouraged to develop their presentation skills and improve their professional communication skills in English. We also emphasize the importance of teamwork, group work and experience sharing.


The cooperation with the UACS Business Council is a key factor for developing staff in the field of information science. The UACS Business Council is comprised of 150 leading Macedonian companies, among which are some of the most important companies from the ICT sector.

UACS SCSIT Business Council provides:

  • Adjustment of the curricula to the needs of the real sector;
  • Guest lecturers;
  • Internships for our students;
  • Counseling for possible career opportunities and student recruitment upon graduation.


At the end of their studies, our students prepare and submit a Bachelor thesis. The professors pay particular attention to their work, and they also guide them throughout the entire process. The Bachelor thesis the UACS SCSIT students write significantly helps them get employed in the IT sector and build a successful career.

UACS SCSIT is globally recognized, since many of its students work in companies based in Switzerland, Malta, Australia, the Netherlands, South Africa, or freelance in many other countries in the world.

Austria, Australia, Norway, Slovenia and other countries are granting scholarships to the UACS SCSIT students willing to pursue their Master degree at their state universities.

The possibilities for employment in the world’s fastest growing industry are limitless! Part of the career opportunities that require IT qualifications include:

  • IT engineers;
  • Programmers, system maintenance, application development in IT companies in Macedonia and abroad;
  • Software development in domestic or foreign companies;
  • Start-up business opportunity in the IT industry.

The curriculum is designed in a way that stimulates individual work and teamwork. Upon completion of UACS SCSIT undergraduate studies, each student is expected to acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Technologies like C++, Java, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, JQuery, HTML, XML, SQL, LINUX, etc.
  • Knowledge in the area of Software Engineering, computer system architecture, system applications and programs.
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, especially of the European level of literacy (e-Citizen), according to the legislative regulation in Macedonia.
  • Improved knowledge of the English language.

Bachelor of Science with Major in Computer Networks (180 ECTS)

Required courses

College Mathematics
Fundamentals of Programming
Computer systems
Elective SP
Elective UNI
Object Programming
Elective SP
Elective SP
Elective UNI

Elective Courses in program:

Thinking in algorithms
Computer ethics and responsibility
Introduction to multimedia
Business module 1
Computer logic
Electives at University level:
Computer applications 1
English as Second Language 1
Computer applications 2
Composition 1
World Language 1

Required courses

Data structures and algorithms
Operating systems
Computer networks
Programming Languages
Elective UNI
Network technologies and administration
System Software
Programming computer interface
Elective SP

Elective Courses in program:

Software engineering
Business Module 2
Advanced calculus

Elective Courses in University level:

Introduction to e-business
Computer graphics and animation
World language 2

Required courses

Architecture and design of computer networks
Data security
Elective SP
Elective SP
Elective SP
Computer networks design
Elective SP
Elective SP
Baccalaureate project

Elective Courses in program:

Distributed databases
Architecture and design of software systems
Internet programming
Fundamentals of signal processing
Multimedia systems and technologies
Software development
Information systems
Computer networks administration
Robotics and artificial intelligence
Telecommunication systems for data transfer
Management of IS
Business Module 3