Doctoral studies in law


Doctoral studies in law will offer you theoretical knowledge and skills for a successful career in the field of law and legal sciences. Through this program you will gain the ability to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize existing legislation in various fields. You will also have the opportunity to get involved and contribute to research networks and research projects and gain skills for in-depth law analysis and legal problem solving.



This program is designed for candidates who have an interest in deepening their knowledge and education in the field of law. It includes, above all, masters of law, business, management and economics, as well as judges and professionals from different levels of the judiciary, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and other lawyers and professionals from eminent companies.


A unique program that combines research and legal practice

A curriculum that unites different domains of law

Opportunity to get involved in research networks and projects


The general modules in the first semester, which apply to each doctoral program, are the following:

CODE                                                    Module                                                                                  Instructor


DOCT 7001    Methodology of scientific research work – doctoral level        Prof.. Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski, PhD

DOCT 7002                                 Data Analysis                                                      Prof.. Marjan Petreski, PhD

Elective courses (choose 1)

DOCT 7003 Qualitative research and case study analysis Associate Prof.Ivan Dodovski, PhD

DOCT 7004             Information Technology and Research              Assoc. prof. Adrian Bozinovski, PhD


The thematic modules for this program are:

Code                                                       Module                                                                                 Instructor

DLAW 7110                       Advanced Company Law                                             associate prof. Marko Andonov, PhD


Elective courses (choose 2)


DLAW 7210              Labor law and social security – doctoral level     Assoc. Prof. Zoran Mihajloski, PhD


DLAW 7211                  Theories of Criminal Law                               Ass. Prof. Dushko Stojanovski, PhD

DLAW 7212                  Basic Theories of Civil Subjective Law                Assoc.Prof. Kimo Chavdar, PhD

DLAW 7213                  International Environmental Law                          Prof. Zoran Sapuric, PhD


Program Coordinators

Zoran mihajloski, PhD

Marko Andonov, PhD