Accounting for Entrepreneurship

Having in mind that the majority of business entities are small and medium rather than big corporations it is important the contemporary accountants to be well informed with the specifics needs of the owners of these enterprises in terms of their operations from formation, chose of the legal forms of operations, investment decisions and reporting.

Accounting for entrepreneurship should be able to assist the owners in their entrepreneurial decisions by providing accurate and methodologically correct and on accounting reporting based information and advice.

The course follows the related standards for small enterprises that allow simpler reporting in case of small and medium sized businesses and most recently in the case of micro-entities, the newly defined sub-category of small company. Since most of the countries, including Republic of Macedonia, who follow the standards as set by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) will also adopt the new regulations it is extremely important the accounting graduates to be knowledgeable with the specifics as defined in the related standards.