Career Development


Ana Tomovska Misoska, PhD
Associate professor
Lazar Popov, PhD
Professor of Management Practice, Industry Expert

This course will allow students to gain knowledge and understanding of the processes which impact the planning and development of their professional careers. Students will be introduced to the theoretical and practical framework with which they can explore careers suitable to their personality type and their skills and goals. Real life cases from the area of human resources, psychology and career counseling will be examined and students will receive hands on information on various career and professional assessment tools so that they will be able to identify career opportunities, develop goal setting and decision making skills about their career choice. Students will be actively involved in the elaboration of real life cases and they will be encouraged to think about and develop their own career options. Students will also acquire practical skills which they can exercise in order achieve success in the development of their careers. They will learn how to present themselves before their future employers by way of developing their portfolios, their resumes and various documents associated with successful personal presentation.
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  • School of Business Economics and Management
  • school of Architecture and Design
  • School of Computer Science and Technology
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Law
  • School of Political Science and Psychology