International Management and Globalization


Krum Efremov, PhD
Professor of Management Practice, Industry Expert

This course is a study of international management focusing on the role of executive, middle, and front-line management in directing and improving organizational performance in a global environment. The topics cover the dynamic global environment of business management, by exploring political, legal, technological, competitive and cultural factors that shape modern corporations worldwide. Key topics include cross-cultural management, competitive strategy, and current trends in the global arena. Moreover it goes into concepts such as strategic, cultural, behavioral, legal, socio-ethical issues, and functional aspects of international management. This will give a solid base for development of management systems, as well as, the functions, strategies, and structures. The course will offer insight to the new realities in the international businesses with focus on emerging markets, diversity of international business participants, exporting as well as corporate social responsibility.

Syllabus International Management & Globalization