All BA in Jurisprudence Law MBA Finance MBA General Management MBA HRM MBA Marketing MBA Management MA in Human Resources MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking MA in Management MA in Marketing HRM Finance and Banking Marketing Management BA in Business Communication and Translation in English BSc in Software Engineering BA in Psychology BSc in Finance BA in Architecture and Management BA in Visual Arts BA in Interior Architecture BA in Architecture BA in Management BA in English Language Teaching BA in International Relations and Diplomacy BSc in Computer Networks BA in Marketing BSc in Management of Information Systems BSc in IT Management BA in Accounting and Audit

Advanced Taxation

This course examines advanced tax policy and different tax obligation for individuals and companies that […]


The overall aim of  the course is to develop knowledge and skills relating to the Macedonian tax system as applicable […]

Preventing Fraud and Money Laundering

Through this course the student should acquire theoretical knowledge about basic sources of illegally gained […]

Accounting Information Systems

As future business professionals in accounting, students are expected to be knowledgeable in computer-based information […]

Risk Management

The course of Risk management intends to point out the importance of risk management in banks, […]

Legal Framework for Accounting and Audit

The scope of this course are uniform rules related to performing accounting and audit professions […]