All BA in Jurisprudence Law MBA Finance MBA General Management MBA HRM MBA Marketing MBA Management MA in Human Resources MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking MA in Management MA in Marketing HRM Finance and Banking Marketing Management BA in Business Communication and Translation in English BSc in Software Engineering BA in Psychology BSc in Finance BA in Architecture and Management BA in Visual Arts BA in Interior Architecture BA in Architecture BA in Management BA in English Language Teaching BA in International Relations and Diplomacy BSc in Computer Networks BA in Marketing BSc in Management of Information Systems BSc in IT Management BA in Accounting and Audit

Marketing Management

The course focuses on formulating and implementing marketing management strategies and policies, a task undertaken […]

Business Planning

Business Planning integrates the functional disciplines in the core undergraduate curriculum. The course introduces students […]

Business Applications and Information system

Profound knowledge of Information Systems is important prerequisite for successful management in the contemporary business […]

Principles of Project Management

The aim of this course is to provide the students with an integrative view of […]

Global Understanding

This course offers a very unique opportunity for UACS students to learn about other cultures […]

Ecology and Sustainable Development

The importance of the environment in contemporary society has been permanently  increasing.  The quality of […]

International Management and Globalization

This course is a study of international management focusing on the role of executive, middle, […]

Public Finance

The course deals with standard instructions on public finances. Students will learn theoretical aspects of […]