Political Culture

The subject of the course will include studying the long lasting process of the transition. The consequences are increasing of the poverty and percentage of the unemployment. What is the reason of this outcome? How is possible that the states with similar size and population, and with far poorer resources, to have higher development and stable system? How is possible that the emigrants form transition countries are achieving better results in EU in every fields than in their own countries? How is possible that intellectuals and businessmen from transition countries are attractive and appreciated in the western countries for their achievements, but anywhere their  motherlands are without significant development? The main question is: what is the problem and how we can explain this phenomenon? Whether certain behavior of the people through their tendentious education in the past could have an influence upon the development of a certain country? Is it possible to organize successful development and stability in multiethnic and multicultural societies? Studying this course will give us an answer of those difficult questions.