Principles of Organizational Behavior


Miodraga Stefanovska, PhD
Associate professor
Marjan I. Bojadjiev, PhD
Rector at University American College Skopje

Effective managers must be technically and human oriented. Organizational Behavior skills covers the impact that individuals, groups and structure have within an organization, and then applies that knowledge to make function and malfunction in groups, how to resolve conflicts and how to build productive teams in order organizations to be more effective. More specific the course focuses on management and how the planning process helps managers to work more effectively; the characteristics of worldwide experiences in corporate governance and ways to improve corporate culture; the individual behavior and perception behind the decision making and employee motivation techniques in organizations; group and team foundation and their influence on building organizational information sharing, differences confrontation, ways of communication, conflict and negotiation skills, all by means of greater company productivity. The course targets the good politic to build power in the company by increasing the others dependence on the individual, developing trusting relationship and searching for leadership qualities. The core essence focuses on the organizational internal structure and culture and how it interacts with predicting behavior, tolerance, team work and support of people; human resource policies and practices, specifically discuss the influence of practices, training and development programs and performance evaluation systems. It also covers work stress including the positive or negative influence in the employee’s performance.

Syllabus Organizational Behavior