International Academic Council of the University American College Skopje

Mission and vision

The University American College Skopje (hereinafter, UACS) within its mission and vision, constantly improves itself as an international university, with international programs, international lecturers and international students.

In line with its mission and vision, UACS is establishing an International Academic Council (hereinafter Council).

The mission of the Council is to offer its consultancy and advice on matters related to UACS strategic development, curricula and international partnerships and collaboration with international institutions.


The Council is elected by the UACS University Senate and acts as its consultative body.

The Council consists of distinguished professors with years of experience and professional work in their portfolios at international level.

The following professors are members of the Council:

  • Vittorio De Pedys, ESCP Europe Torino campus (Italy)
  • Jeremy Cripps, University of Findlay (United States of America)
  • Jean Francois Gagne, L’InstitutSupérieur de Gestion – ISG (France)
  • Bob Giddings, Northumbria University (Great Britain)
  • Mile Terziovski, University of South Australia (Australia)
  • Robert Hudson, University of Derby (Great Britain)
  • Dragan Nikolic, Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands)
  • MilicaUvalic, Universitadeglistudi di Perugia (Italy)
  • Josef C. Brada, Arizona State University (United States of America)

Activities and responsibilities

The Academic Council gives opinions, suggestions and recommendations on:

  • the UACS curricula at all levels of study;
  • the content of specific descriptors of the curricula at all levels of study;
  • Strategic Planning of UACS and individual work plans of the relevant faculties within UACS;
  • the development and improvement of curricula;
  • the development of UACS’s internationalcooperation;
  • the cooperation with domestic and international companies and associations;
  • the promotion of research activities including collaboration with other academic institutions in the field of research;
  • the hiring process of visiting professors, renowned scholars, professional experts and artists;
  • the organization of debates and public discussions by UACS
  • the selection of honorary professors and honorary PhDs;
  • other issues relevant to the role and work of UACS.

Opinions, suggestions and recommendations by the Council shall be submitted to the University Senate.

The University Senate is obliged to discuss the opinions, suggestions and recommendations by the Council on its regular meetings.

The University Senate is obliged to notify the Council members on the activities and actionsundertaken which derive from Council’s opinions, suggestions and recommendations

Council members do not have a specific obligation to offer their recommendations and opinions, their contribution is voluntary.

For offering their opinions, suggestions and recommendations Council members are not financially encouraged, and their work is defined as pro bono activity, including and not limited to travel expenses and per diems.

Council members do not have any legal responsibility for UACS activities.

Operational matters

To coordinate its work, the Council has its own Secretary, chosen from the UACS administrative staff.

The Council organizes its work through electronic communications.

The Council organized at least one meeting per year through a video conference.

In case there is a possibility for organizing a meeting in person, such activity is encouraged and will be organized by the Secretary.

In case a meeting in person is organized and there are members who cannot attend the meeting, a video conference will be organized.


University Senate


Prof. Dr. Marjan Bojadjiev