Our mission is to prepare the MBA candidates for theglobal world, enabling them to cope with the speed of change in business and society. We are glad that our MBA candidates show the same level of academic accomplishments as those from top tier schools. We have managed to provide excellence in higher education at affordable costs. UACS candidates can earn their MBA degree for a fraction of the tuition charged at other internationally recognized universities.


UACS SBEM program is supported by over 30 scholars, professors of management practice, and international visiting professors. Their combined knowledge and experience provides the students with a unique opportunity to learn from the best. The program at UACS SBEM offers thorough exposure to theoretical and practical issues.


At graduate level, we believe that the instructor’s responsibilities include:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Leading the class discussions
  • Helping the students find their own solution to the problems raised.

The core concept is that Participants are in the focus of the learning process.

The instructors ask the right questions and initiate class discussion and interaction. The primary goal is applying the knowledge and gaining practical skills.

Apart from teaching theory and facts, we employ leading-edge teaching techniques, such as:

  • case studies,
  • role plays,
  • problem solving,
  • individual and team projects, and
  • simulations

So far, we have 16 faculty members holding a teaching certificate according to the Participant- Centered Learning methods.

All UACS MBA programs and concentrations are offered in English.

The UACS MBA program provides an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals to obtain their Master’s degree by following a schedule that minimizes the disruption of their work and personal goals.


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