PhD in Economics

Doctoral studies in economics will present you with economics as a quantitative science. From that aspect, they are the only ones of that kind in Macedonia. As a PhD in Economics from this program, you will be able to conduct original research and you will be a skillful modeler of the economic processes in the domestic, regional and global economy.

This program is designed for candidates with an interest in economic analysis based on statistical-econometric tools. It includes Masters in Economics and Finance, Mathematics and Engineering, as well as employees in economic and financial analysis sectors: central banks, economic ministries, banks and other financial institutions, corporations and offices of the international financial institutions.

  • A unique program offering quantitative economic and financial analysis
  • Professors with a mentoring certificate from Staffordshire University
  • Possibility for a study visit at a university or a central bank

General modules in the first semester, applicable to each doctoral program, are the following:

Code Module Professor
DOCT 7001 Research methodology – doctoral level Dr. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski
DOCT 7002 Data analysis Dr. Marjan Petreski
Electives (choose one)  
DOCT 7003 Qualitative research and case studies Dr. Ivan Dodovski
DOCT 7004 Information technology and research Dr. Adrijan Bozinovski

Thematic modules for this program are as follows:

Code Module Professor
DECO 7110 Macroeconomics: theory and practice Dr. Tome Nenovski
Electives (choose two)  
DECO 7210 Advanced econometrics Dr. Igor Velickovski
DECO 7211 Microeconomics of innovation and competitiveness Dr. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski
DECO 7212 Financial analysis Dr. Jadranka Mrsik
DECO 7213 Bank risk management and Stress testing Dr. Evica Delova Jolevska
DECO 7214 International money and finance Dr. Igor Velickovski

Dr. Marjan Petreski

Program coordinator

Dr. Marjan Petreski