Department of Architecture and Design

The Department has a contextual, ethical and critical approach which, while developing students’ creative skills and initiative to challenge the mainstream, foregrounds the responsibility for physical and cultural environment and commitment to professional ethics.
The Bachelor’s Program in Architecture is affiliated with the School of Architecture and it is based on a three-year study, which is structured around design studios.
Granting degrees in architecture, the aim of graduate programs is to produce knowledge with a critical approach on the broad spectrum of architectural and urban studies.

Students in School of Architecture and Design

The student will understand the constructive, functional and formative features of buildings that provide appropriate coordination within the architectural design framework. The aim is to equip students with requisite global and local knowledge and critical understanding, valuing the initiative to challenge the mainstream in order to promote leadership in professional and academic practices of architecture in national and international contexts.
The students will learn how to solve functional, structural and formative problems and develop certain stages of their design. Moreover, they will understand the basic methods of design development.

Where can a graduate from University American College work?

The graduates of the International School of Architecture and Design can and business opportunities in the following areas:
Architectural and design companies, construction companies, departments of the public authorities and the local self-government, graphic design companies and design companies.


Academic staff:

MSc. Inci Selim (phd candidate at St.Cyril and Methodius University)

MSc. Oya Zade Abas

MSc. Ana Velinova (phd candidate at Zagreb university)

MSc. Maksim Naumovski (phd candidate at TU WIEN University)

MSc. Saso Blazevski (phd candidate at St.Cyril and Methodius University)


Rakip Amdiu, Bekir Ademi, Msc. Fetah Fetahu, Msc. Valdet Tairi, Msc. Yana Spiroska, Emir Bedri, Tugay Gulec, Ufuk Nebi, Zariye Amdiu and Nese Seyadinovska.



Fall semester

Architectural design 1

Descriptive geometry

Freehand drawing 1

Management and organization

Macedonian language 1

English language

Spring semester

Architectural design 2

Technical drawing

Freehand drawing 2

Colour and plastic forms

Introduction to information technologies and


History of architecture and art 1


Macedonian language 1

Summer practice


Fall semester

Architectural design 3

Architectural structures 1

Building materials technologies

History of architecture and art 2

Computer aided design 1

Macedonian language 2

Spring semester

Architectural design 4

Architectural structures 2

Computer aided design 2

Graphic design

History of architecture and art 3

Macedonian language 2

Summer practice


Fall semester

Architectural design 5

Principles of city planning and

urban design

Building detail modelling

Theory of form in architecture

Interior design 1

Macedonian language 3

Spring semester

Architectural design 6

Design for domestic and commercial-scale

building projects

City and regional planning

Interior design 2

Architecture and art in Macedonia

Macedonian language 3

Statute of ISAD