The School of Business Economics and Management (SBEM) was established in 2005 as one of the few independent schools in the Republic of Macedonia. SBEM is part of University AMerican College Skopje, which is an institution for higher education that combines the best of American and European educational experiences.

SBEM offers American efficiency through carefully designed curricula, current professional literature and case studies from distinguished authors. This is a university where each student counts, where each student is taken seriously, and where faculty members know students by name. The close student attention is a distinctive feature of UACS.

Most importantly, emphasis is placed on both professionalism, and on a holistic educational approach to student development. Our mission is to enhance the students’ ability to think creatively and critically, and to communicate effectively UACS is designed to provide the community with higher education, professional support to industry and government, and most notably, well-trained young individuals prepared to enter the workforce with professional and exceptional knowledge.

The School of Business offers degrees at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. The SBEM is accredited in Macedonia by the Ministry of Education and Science, and also various programs that the School offers hold an international accreditation by ACSBP.

At SBEM, our core is “Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Research”.

We want to make our students well-rounded, self-directed and life-long learners by exposing them to continuous, engaging and rigorous academic challenges.

Our goal is to provide students with strong academic foundation by using theoretical framework and real-world learning experiences in order to develop the students’ problem–solving skills that enhance their ability to think creatively and critically, and to communicate effectively. SBEM differentiates itself by having the powerful combination of top academics, deep partnerships with business community that is also committed to producing next generation business leaders and a strong commitment towards research, publication and international cooperation. The shared values of our academic and business community around innovation and recognizing the diverse needs of today’s students form the foundation of our efforts to positively transform business education.





These are the programs that SBEM Offers and you can examine them in more detail by clicking on the respective links:

Undergraduate Graduate PhD Programs
BA in Management (ACBSP Accredited) MBA (ACBSP Accredited) DBA
BA in Marketing (ACBSP Accredited) MA in Management (ACBSP Accredited) PhD in Economics
BSc in Finance and Banking (ACBSP Accredited) MA in Marketing (ACBSP Accredited)
BA in Human Resources (ACBSP Accredited) MA in Human Resources (ACBSP Accredited)
BSc in Applied Economics MSc in Applied Economics
BSc in Audit & Accounting MSc in Accounting and Audit
Business Administration & Economics (Double Degree Program with Tor Vergata)

SBEM Course Catalogue