How to Apply ?

  1. Application form (University American College Skopje)
  2. Certificates and diplomas from previous studies from a higher education institution and transcripts of completed courses and grades for each semester (please submit certified true copies of these documents)
  3. Birth certificate or a citizenship document ( please submit certified true copies of these documents )
  4. One (1) photo
  5. The transfer application
  6. For those aplicants who have equired their secondary education abroad, they are required to have a validation of the certificates and the diploma issued by the Ministry of Education
  7. A copy of the payment for registration or tuition

What to expect as a transfer student?

Interested in UACS?

Students who transfer to UACS will have all their previous credits fully recognized.*

Nothing will be lost! We do not operate on the basis of the year enrolled, but on the basis of credits earned. Our Admissions Office is glad to produce a tailor-made schedule that will meet your needs. Remember that original transcripts are also required.  Please download the application here: (

Contact us at for further questions/comments/suggestions.

*UACS reserves the right not to accept credits that are not compatible with the selected program