The University’s Mission Statement

UACS strives to provide excellence in higher education by combining the best of European and American educational standards.

UACS offers education in both Macedonian and English language in selected schools at all levels, undergraduate and graduate.

UACS operations are guided by the 3I principles:

  • International faculty
  • International student body
  • International curricula, textbooks and teaching materials

UACS strongly supports:

  • Participant-Centered Learning;
  • Learning through practice;
  • Internship;
  • Visiting lectures by distinguished professionals;
  • Teaching that links students closer to real life situations.

The University’s Vision Statement

  • To become leader of the higher education in the region;
  • To remain a university of choice for students, faculty and staff in the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • To construct network of lifelong and continuing education.

The University’s Value Statement

Ad destinatum persequor!

UACS cherishes and embraces:

  • Professional, personal development and growth of the member of the UACS family, so that they can promulgate professional and personal development of our students and breed better organizations;
  • UACS family members to support those in need and eventually create a better society.