Venera Krliu Handjiski, PhD

Chief Operations Officer

Asst. Prof. Venera Krliu Handjiski, PhD is an Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior at the UACS School of Business Economics and Management. She is the deputy CEO, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President of the Board of Directors and Graduate Studies Coordinator at the University since 2005. As of February 2017, the University Senate has appointed […]

Marjan I. Bojadjiev, PhD

Provost of University American College Skopje

  Prof. Marjan I. Bojadjiev, PhD is a Provost and a full professor at University American Collage Skopje since the year of 2010. Previously, he has worked as CEO of the Macedonian Savings House from 1996 to 1999 and as CEO of the third largest bank in Macedonia from 1999 to 2004. Prof. Bojadjiev has […]

Tamara Mladenovikj

Assistant to the Provost

Marina Andeva, PhD

Secretary General / Assistant professor

Marina Stojanovska

Assistant Secretary General

Suzana Sokolenko

Archive / Front Desk Officer

Adrijana Jaki

Front Desk Officer

Monika Jakimova

Head of Library

“Professor Gaspar Biro” University Library

Liljana Bunjevac

Chief Financial Officer

Valentina Stojanova

Finance Officer

Gordana Crcevska

Finance Officer

Iva Minoska

Records Office Supervisor

Elena Popovska

Part-time Student Coordinator / PhD Student Coordinator

Elena Penkova

Undergraduate Student Coordinator

Nadezda Pop-Kostova, MBA

Graduate Student Coordinator

Sonja Filipovska

Register Officer / Graduate Student Coordinator

Ivona Mileva, MSc

Chef Academic Officer / Teaching Assistant

Viktorija Gombar

International Student Coordinator

Dimche Micevski, MBA

Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Rahela Evtimova, MBA

Chief Networking Officer/ Chief Career Center Officer

Rakip Amdiu


International school of architecture and design (ISAD)

Zharko Pavloski

System Administrator