Successful Marketing Stories at UACS School of Business Economics and Management

On 1 December 2016 (Thursday), UACS School of Business Economics and Management hosted the winners of this year’s marketing festivals: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Moment and Image PR. Their success proves the fact that even a small country as Macedonia can be put on the world-winner map.

The event was organized by the Head of UACS Marketing Department and UACS SBEM faculty, Assoc. Prof. Ilijana Petrovska, PhD and the UACS SBEM adjunct faculty and professor of practice, Kristijan Petkoski, MSc.

The Saatchi & Saatchi’s creative director, Mr. Vasilije Corluka presented the campaign “Sea Hero Quest”, a mobile game which contributes for the research on dementia. The campaign was initiated by Saatchi & Saatchi London, for its client, Deutsche Telekom, and it was spread in the network of Saatchi & Saatchi. After several levels of selection, the Macedonian agency’s creative proposal was selected as the best one in the Saatchi & Saatchi’s global network. Since gaming is very popular worldwide, as people are spending around 3 billion hours on gaming, the Agency decided to use this information for the purpose of developing a charity mobile game. When a player plays the game, it provides the scientists with data for people’s orientation in space and it also contributes towards the research on dementia.

The project was developed in a partnership with University College London, University of East Anglia (UEA), Alzheimer UK, and With 2.5 million downloads for a short period of time, the game proved to be a huge success. As a result of the successful project, Saatchi & Saatchi won 9 lions at the most prestigious advertising festival, the Cannes festival and also won the award for the best 2016 campaign at the Golden Drum Festival 2016.

Mr. Nikola Vojnov, the Creative Director of New Moment agency presented the print campaign titled “Makes bitter sweeter”, which was prepared for a chocolate confectionery and factory. The process itself describes how chocolate increases the hormone dopamine, which can positively affect people’s mood and behavior. The campaign is depicting different complicated life situations on a chocolate bar, since consumption of chocolate is something which creates positive feelings. The campaign was awarded with silver at the regional marketing festival, Golden Drum Festival 2016.

The last guest speaker at the event was Ms. Angjelka Peeva Laurencikj, the Managing Director of Image PR. She delivered a presentation on the campaign created for its client, EVN titled “EVN Energy Mathematics”. The former politician, present PR Manager and lecturer at UACS, empowered the students with the message: “Trust yourself”. The awarded campaign presents a communication platform which uses the power of PR, in order to stimulate energy efficiency and savings among the general population. The PR agency, Image PR won the Golden World Award by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), and it placed Macedonia on the list of countries which have won this prestigious award.

At the end of the event, all agency representatives invited the students to be creative and to apply for the open positions in the agencies and also for the Image PR’s annual contest “Bravo Sine”. They encouraged the students with the following inspirational message: “Creativity is not something which happens by happenstance. You better work hard and never give up. You need to come up with hundreds of ideas in order to get the right one. The best ideas come from small people, small countries and anyone can succeed on the global market. Just keep on going”.

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