UACS donation to the Hematology Clinic in Skopje

On December 18, 2018, University American College Skopje (UAKS) hosted the Pre-Christmas Charity Auction of Artwork, at the City Hall Center in Skopje.

Inspired by the organizational culture of UACS which nurtures values ​​such as unity, solidarity and humanity, the charity auction exhibited of works of art made by renowned Macedonian artists: Adem Sulejmanovski, Ivana Nastески, Reshat Ahmeti, Strahil Petrovski, Robert Jankulovski , Toni Shulaykovski, Trajce Chatomov, Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska-Zani, Rosica Lazeska, Vladimir Temkov, Pavel Kuzmanovski, Goce Bozurski, Aleksandra Petkova-Gianelli, Emil Sulajkovski, Dijana Tomic- adevska Stefan Jakimovski Vlatko Tasevski-Box, Vlatko Velickovski Dita Starova Susanna Sotirovska, Shqipe Mehmeti Zarije Amdi Nevzat Kica Bejtuli-Milan Andov D. Jovanovski, Simeon Nichev, Nikola Smilkov, Slobodan Miloseski, Maja Taneva, Vasko Kostov and Miroslav Masin.

All of the above mentioned artists donated their pieces of art toward the auction, for which we are immensely appreciative, and we extend our deepest gratitude for their donation.

Thanks to the friends and guests from the member companies of the Business Council of the University, who participated in the bidding, a total of 32 artworks were sold and a total of 463,000 denars were raised.

The purpose of the auction was to raise funds that UACS will use for the procurement of appliances for the needs of the PHI University Hematology Clinic, Department for Transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells, in order to treat patients, improve the working conditions of the patients employees of the Clinic and joint creation of a better society for future generations.

Therefore, we are proud to share, that yesterday, the medical devices were purchased and delivered to the Clinic for Hematology:
1. Patient monitoring device
2. Medical suction aspirator
3. 2 Medical Air Purifiers

With the aid of these medical appliances the well being of both patients and staff will reach a much higher level, and will ease the entire treatment process.

Bellow you can find some of press clipping from the actual event (with video soon to follow)

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