UACS Presidential Scholarship Winner


We would like to inform you that scholarships winner for the UACS Presidential Scholarship is being selected by the Scholarship Committee.

This year we had a tremendous amount of candidates, due to which the competition was very hard. After very cautious and thorough examinations, the committee body made the decision for the following list:

  1. Nika Inauri                  93     (International Relations and Diplomacy)
  2. Tatia Nagervadze       84     (International Relations and Diplomacy)
  3. Mariam Zabakhidze   78     (MBA)
  4. Catherine Bouadze     76     (MBA)
  5. Nino Gomurashvili     71     (International Relations and Diplomacy)
  6. Mariam Abashidze     30     (MBA)
  7. Giorgi Labadze            30     (MBA)
  8. Anna Makharadze      30     (MBA)

Congratulations to the winner Mr.Nika Inauri. We are very pleased and happy to have you at UACS.


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