Branka Mincheva Koceska, PhD as guest lecturer at the Administrative Law and Public Administration course

In the framework of the clinical teaching activities, the second-year undergraduate students from the UACS School of Political Science who take the course Administrative Law and Public Administration with Asst. Prof. Natalija Shikova, PhD, attended the guest lecture “Ethics in Public Administration”. The lecture was delivered by Branka Mincheva Koceska, Ph.D. in Philosophy, with specialties in the field of Ethics and Head of Department at the Ministry of Information Society and Administration. Students had the opportunity to become familiar with the basic principles of Applied Ethics and its relevance to various professions, the ways in which professional standards are established, the form and the content of ethical codes and their role in the profession as well as with the principle of “good governance”. The students learned more about the system of ethics in the Macedonian public administration, the legislation related to the issue and provisions that are part of the Code of Administrative Servants.

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