Cooperation with the Catholic University of the West-UCO

On September 25, our professors Dusica Stevchevska-Srbinoska and Igor Srbinoski had a meeting with Mrs. Marie-Laure Vallès, coordinator of international student mobilities at the prestigious Catholic University of the West (UCO; French: Université catholique de l’Ouest), known colloquially to its students as: “la Catho”.

At the same time, UACS and UCO representatives attended the EAIE Conference and Exhibition 2023 in Rotterdam: This was a great opportunity for a joint International Office meeting to discuss different ways to strengthen connections and test the grounds for joint degrees and dual degree programs.

Created in 1875, the Catholic University of the West is one of the oldest universities in the Greater West and a key player in higher education and research today. A multidisciplinary and Qualiopi-certified university, it welcomes 12,765 students on its campuses, in the West and overseas, and offers more than 100 training courses (from undergraduate to bac+8).

The university is organised into six Faculties: Law, Economics and Management, Education, Humanities, Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Theology and Religious Studies. This new Erasmus agreement seeks to inspire the students, teachers and staff from UACS and UCO to pursue knowledge and inspiring exchanges by forging meaningful educational connections, especially in the fields of Political Science as well as Business Administration and Economics.

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