Guest lecture on Squeeze Me brand creation

On 13 December 2017, UACS students of Business Economics and Management – Marketing concentration taking the course in Marketing Management with Biljana Severinova followed a guest lecture by Mrs. Tanja Ordanoska Christie, owner and founder of Squeeze Me – Healthy food in Skopje. The lecture was titled ‘The process of designing and managing services of a made-in-Macedonia brand – Case study of Squeeze Me’.
This Macedonian company is an excellent example of a great startup idea. In just 2 years of its operations on the market, Squeeze Me grew into a brand, which changed the eating habits of people, who started eating healthier food. The franchising of the brand is expected to launch in London, UK. Students had the opportunity to learn about Squeeze Me brand creation, marketing strategy, development, business growth and best practices.

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