Iva Matasic – Guest speaker on Strategic Growth and International Markets

Iva Matasic is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Consulio, Inc., Zagreb, Croatia and Palo Alto, California, and a founding member of the global e-learning Think Tank ‘Company of Thought’. She has more then 16 years of business development, technology consulting experience and is a networker with clients and colleagues worldwide, and a panelist and international speaker at conferences.
After finishing Founder Institute in 2012., Iva is mentoring and mentored more then 100 start-ups on global market, especially USA, and Europe. Nowadays her focus is advising spin-off companies, business development, product commercialization, markets evaluation, new market expansion, collaboration with business partners, and driving sustainable growth worldwide. Iva is envolved in empowering women entrepreneurs.

She delivered a lecture on Growth Strategy and International Markets at UACS that was attended not only by UACS students but also from many companies from the Business Council and professors.

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